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Flanders Roof Repair From The Experts

It may not bring awareness to the threat of damage such as a hurricane or tornado will, but hail generates more damage each year than all other forms of storm damage does. Hail damage costs property owners and insurance companies several billions of dollars annually. It is essential for homeowners to know how to distinguish hail damage so they can have it looked at ASAP by a Flanders roofer.

Hail Damage

Shingles can be damaged from hail even as small as a quarter-inch in size. When linked with heavy winds, hail can blow in various directions and even cause damage to the siding and gutters. Inspect for dents and cracks on these parts of your home after a severe storm strikes it. The speed at which hail falls from the sky depends on the size. Quarter-size hail falls around 20 mph, while baseball-sized hail can drop at speeds of 80 MPH or more!

Hail Damage is NOT Always Evident from The Ground. Schedule an Inspection With a Flanders Roofing Contractor TODAY For Peace of Mind!!!

When to Secure an Inspection

Hail damage can be difficult to see when you are on the ground, and many homeowners do not even think to look at their roof. Just because you do not see a problem does not mean it is all good up there. If you want to be a proactive homeowner and get the most life out of your roof, then you should have it looked at by a Flanders roofing expert after every major weather event that leaves damage to the city you live in. The longer you delay improvements, the more detrimental it will get, confirmed.

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September 30, 2020
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