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Does Your Home Need a Chester Roofer?

As a company that specializes in Chester Roofing projects, we've seen a lot of damages that homeowners never even knew was there, which proves the worth of a professional roofing inspection. Problems usually start out small, but can quickly turn into an unexpected leak. Here are 4 common problems to keep an eye out for:

  1. Curled, Broken, and/or Missing Shingles

    If you see any shingles that have curling or buckled edges, these are signs they are nearing the end of their lifespan. Missing shingles are a good indication that you'll be wanting the services of a Chester Roofer ASAP

  2. Missing Shingle Granules

    Dark blackish sandy'ish looking water in your gutters is a sign that you have shingle wear, depending on the severity you may need a new roof but a repair could buy some time.

  3. Damaged Flashing

    Chimneys, vent pipes, a/c units, and other objects have flashing installed around them to keep water out. If you see any wear and tear it will probably only need a minor fix by a Chester roof repair technician.

  4. Sagging Ceiling and/or Rafters

    Take a peek into your attic and if you see any water stains and sagging in the rafters or ceiling it is probably leaking in from the roof.

Chester Roofing Contractors know that making repairs early can often deter an expensive and premature roof replacement so don't procrastinate! Call RBM Roofing & General Contracting today to schedule an appointment.

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December 26, 2018
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